Cascades Recovery+ is in the business of managing discarded recyclable materials. We handle over 1.56 million tons of recyclable materials annually, processing the material at our 21 material recovery facilities located across Canada and the US. As one of Canada’s largest collector, processor and marketer of recyclable materials, we have been providing recycling services to the Commercial, Industrial, Graphics and Municipal sectors for over 33 years. We assist our customers in achieving their sustainability goals while delivering cost effective material recovery methods.

Cascades Recovery+ is unique. Unlike waste companies whose primary business is waste to landfill, our business is to divert recyclable material from landfill and find ways to use these materials over and over again.
We provide a comprehensive approach that manages the diversion of a customer’s discarded materials for better uses other than landfill or incineration. A customized material recovery plan is developed for each customer and packaged under our Recovery …PLUS™ Program. The ‘PLUS’ takes our efforts beyond ‘Recovery’ giving the customer the assurance we will incorporate program efficiencies into their business processes and ensure every effort will be made to find beneficial uses for all their discarded recyclable materials.

As part of the Cascades Inc. Specialty Products Group, we support Cascades’ sustainability goals and responsible packaging. Through our material recovery systems, recyclable discarded materials are collected and processed for use in new products. Together, we are responsible manufacturers of paper and packaging.

We care so much about paper and packaging; when you’re done with it, we want it back…

Cascades Recovery+ has recyclable material processing facilities located across Canada and in Upstate, NY including; Rochester and Buffalo as well as in the capital region – Albany, NY

In Ontario we have facilities in Toronto, Scarborough, Brantford, Putnam and Ottawa. In British Columbia, our facilities are located in Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna and Prince George. In Alberta we have facilities in both Calgary and Edmonton and a facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our facilities in the United States are located in Rochester, Buffalo and Albany, New York.

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