Cascades Recovery+ responds to the requirements put forth by municipalities for the management of their discarded material. We are always looking for ways to increase the recovery of materials in our plants and also looking at opportunities to increase the number and variety of materials managed. Some of our recent work has resulted in select municipal clients adding PET thermoforms and all mixed plastics – both traditionally not part of most programs.

Currently we are working on developing markets and processing capabilities for even more products including hot and cold drink cups. Our capabilities are expanding such that even non-recyclable “bioplastics” can be managed in our plants without causing problems at our end markets contaminating other streams.

We currently have municipal MRFs in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and New York State. Our plants are constantly being evaluated and upgraded where required to ensure that Cascades Recovery+ maximizes recovery and maintains high product quality.

Cascades Recovery+ works closely with our municipal clients. Through continuous residential program evaluation and monitoring, we assure our clients that their recovery and diversion needs will be met or exceeded.

Cascades Recovery+ can also provide assistance with other municipal program development needs including product marketing, waste audits, and educational and promotional material.