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The management of ALL your discarded materials for all business sectors from printers to grocers and industrial to commercial.

Deal directly with the end user

When you use Cascades Recovery to manage your discarded materials, you are dealing directly with the end user. Cascades Recovery’s partnership with Cascades Inc., ensures that your discarded materials are made into a variety of new products – from tissue and paper products to plastic furniture and decking, just to name a few.

Get started with the Recovery …PLUS™ Program!

  • One of our local representatives will visit your facility to discuss your specific needs and objectives with regard to managing your discarded materials.
  • Our Recovery …PLUS™ experts will develop a customized diversion program highlighting the discarded materials to be recovered, process efficiencies, diversion potential and cost savings. 
  • We provide all necessary equipment and logistics to effectively recover your discarded materials.
  • As part of the program, we provide ongoing training for your employees to ensure that the program is properly in place.
  • We monitor your program on an on-going basis providing you with regular waste audits and diversion reports.