Recovery …Plus™


Implementing the Recovery …PLUS™ program supports our goals of reducing the amount of discarded material going to landfill and maximizing our diversion rate. Before we implemented the Recovery …PLUS™ program our diversion rate was just over 50%. Today, we are averaging a monthly diversion rate of  85%, steadily moving toward our goal of 90% diversion.

The Recovery …PLUS™ marketing and communications materials provided make participation for our staff, tenants and visitors very simple and successful. Being able to collect multi materials utilizing Recovery …PLUS™ has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the number of trucks needed on site to meet our service needs without interfering or disrupting our day to day operations. It also allowed us to free up some needed and very valuable dock space by reducing the number of collection bins needed on site.

Monthly meetings with our Recovery …PLUS™ coordinator is scheduled to review the detailed diversion reports and identify and implement greater opportunities to divert more discarded materials.”

At Hemlock, waste recovery touches every department and requires partnership with suppliers that can be both innovative and responsive.
Cascade Recovery provided us with customized equipment including a baler and compactor with a cart tipping system that was fully integrated with our waste extraction system. We also launched a colour coded sorting system that clearly defined our waste streams.
With open dialog we were able to communicate our challenges and expectations, the final result being a collaborative solution that brought us to a new level.
Ultimately, this enabled us to reduce our recycling pickups by 50%, increase our revenue for paper recovery and equally important save time and space in our plant.
I’ve also experienced first hand their contribution of resources and expertise to post secondary and industry associations. I would highly recommend the Cascade Recovery team to other commercial printers and industry suppliers.


When corrugate market conditions hit an all time low, Cascades Recovery was the only company who would work with us to find a solution to our recycling needs.
I appreciate your service and support and would definitely recommend your company to anyone who asks.”

Cascades Recovery Inc. has been an important partner in our business for many years now. As we have a corporate commitment to protecting the environment we value the chance to recycle cardboard, wood, plastic and paper. Cascades makes this easy with excellent customer service."

“This letter is to express my appreciation for the great service Cascades Recovery has always given Ibox Packaging.

The team approach and service from outside sales to the drivers is prompt and efficient. Any inquiry that I have had, they have assisted me with a solution. Specifically we have recently implemented a recycling program for our rigid and soft plastics which is working out well.

As Ibox Packaging is an environmentally conscious company it is very important for our suppliers to have equal values. I appreciate having Cascades Recovery a part of our supplier network.

“Cascades Recovery Inc. helped and supported Grand & Toy (G&T) in implementing more environmentally preferable diversion solutions. Cascades Recovery Inc. supported G&T beyond its basic recycling needs by suggesting numerous new initiatives that greatly improved the company’s landfill diversion rate. For instance, once the solutions for G&T’s commodities were well entrenched in its everyday business, Cascades Recovery Inc. introduced to G&T new ideas and additional services such as Recovery …PLUS™, and thus helping increasing the company diversion rate beyond commodities.

It is very rewarding working with a company and individuals who are this passionate about working for a better tomorrow.