Recycling Questionnaire

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Recycling Questionnaire

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1. Do you currently have a recycling program in place?
2. If yes, what materials do you recycle?
Corrugated CardboardMagazines & FlyersFluorescent TubesOffice PaperBoxboardHand TowelsBatteriesMixed PlasticsOrganicsWoodenSkidsElectronic WasteCans, Glass, Mixed PlasticNewsprint & Packing TissueConstruction & Demolition MaterialsOther
3. What are your objectives with regard to your recycling program? i.e. Diversion, Environmental, Cost Savings.
4. What challenges or issues do you have with respect to recycling?
5. Do you have any discarded materials that you would like to recycle but currently are not recycling? Please list:
6. Do you know what your current Waste Diversion Rate is from landfill?
7. Has your facility ever had a Waste Audit conducted?
8. Numbering in order of priority 1 – 6 (with 1 being the HIGHEST importance), please rank the following criteria that is the most important to you with respect to your recycling programme.
Price Generating Revenue
Reducing Environmental Footprint Reducing Waste
Reducing Overall Costs Increasing your Diversion Rate
9. Would you be interested in receiving a Recycling Assessment of your facility? No fees or obligation.

Personal Information

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