Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cascades Recovery+ pick up materials or do we have to deliver our materials?  
 We have a very large fleet of vehicles to pick up your materials. However, if you prefer to do your own delivery of your materials, you may do so. 

Does Cascades Recovery+ pick up our materials for free?
While there is always a cost for our trucks to be on the roads picking up materials from our clients, (to cover vehicle, labor, fuel, etc.) In many cases we can use a portion of the value of your commodity to offset transportation costs and yet still provide a value for your materials.

Does Cascades Recovery+ pay for our commodities?         
This varies based on several factors including what the commodity is, the volume of the commodities being picked up each time and the monthly market value for the commodities.

Does Cascades Recovery+ have new and used equipment for purchase or rental (i.e. 40 yard bins, compactors, balers, etc.).        
We can provide you with equipment based specifically on your requirements.

What materials is Cascades Recovery+ able to collect?     
Through our Recovery …PLUS™ program, we provide recovery of all discarded materials.

What happens to the materials Cascades Recovery+ collects from our site?
The materials are delivered to our processing facility, where it is sorted, baled then sent to mills to be made into new products.

Does Cascades Recovery+ ship materials internationally?           
Cascades Recovery+ dominantly ships bales to processing mills within Canada, however a portion of our recoverables are transported overseas.

What are the operating hours of Cascades Recovery+?    
Please refer to the location nearest you for specific hours of operation.
For after-hours requests Cascades Recovery+ maintains a 24-hour Customer Service Line to assist with your needs.

Does Cascades Recovery+ manufacture new products out of our materials? If yes: what types of products are made?      
Cascades Recovery+ is an integral part of the Cascades Group of Companies. Material collected by Cascades Recovery+ is utilized to create new products such as Cascades tissue products, paper and packaging, food containers, plastic decking and furniture.

What payment options are available?      
You may pay by:
Electronic Funds Transfer
Cheque (cheques should be sent to us via mail or courier)

What logistical areas does Cascades Recovery+ provide services to?      
Cascades Recovery+ has 23 processing facilities spread through Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and New York State.

What styles of trucks are available to service my location?        
We use a combination of Roll Off, Rear Packer, Straight Truck, Tractor Trailers (with or without Tail Gate), or Shredding vehicles to service clients. Recovery Specialists are available to discuss transportation needs in detail and provide recommendations for the most appropriate and cost efficient truck style and service frequency for your location.

What styles and sizes of bins does Cascades Recovery+ have for the collection of materials? 
We utilize a wide variety of bin styles and sizes.

Does Cascades Recovery+ provide 7 day a week collection services?       
In order to meet the needs of our clients, we are able provide services 7 days a week in most of our markets.