Services Offered

Secure Destruction


What separates us from our competitors? 
Cascades utilizes your material in the creation of new paper products. By dealing directly with us, and not the middleman, we provide you with the most cost-effective shredding program available with enhanced security – providing the “shortest chain of custody” – we shred it in our truck then take it to our mill.

What is the cost and time frame? 
Our team will do a quick analysis of your volume and level of services. Once this is done we will supply you with a quote. Once the quote is approved we will work with you to solidify a time to start.

What are the differences between Off Site and On Site shredding services?
With Off Site shredding we arrange for a secure straight truck or tractor-trailer to pick up your confidential materials and transport them directly to our secure facility where they are destroyed and shredded.  On Site shredding involves scheduling service with a vehicle equipped with a shredder.  Your materials are destroyed at your site within the security of the vehicle itself. 

Which of your services best fits my needs?
Depending on the level of confidentiality and security protocols required within your company, we determine the best practice that fits your requirements.  Both services are safe, secure and efficient; however, depending on the volume and nature of the product, one particular service type maybe more practical.

Can I witness the shredding of my confidential materials?
Yes. It is one of the criteria for determining whether you need On Site or Off Site shredding.  If you require the material shredding to be witnessed, we can arrange to have your people observe material being shredded at either one of our secure facilities or on site.

What can I shred?
The rule of thumb is to shred any document that contains sensitive information or information of any kind that has been entrusted to you by another party.

  • Strategic Reports
  • Budgets
  • Legal contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Payroll information
  • Medical records
  • New product information
  • Reports
  • Formulas, product plans and tests
  • Specification drawings
  • Budgets
  • Internal reports
  • Customer lists
  • Training information
  • Contracts
  • General service information
  • Health and safety issues
  • Supplier records and Specifications
  • Purchase orders
  • Folders

You can leave on paper clips and staples, however, binders, plastic and metal rings need to be removed.

I have multiple locations, can your organization accommodate us?
Yes. Every business that we serve is unique and requires a customized plan. We will work with your team to determine how best to manage locations whether in different buildings or across multiple floors.

How often do you pick up?
Most clients require a monthly service but based on volume we can provide weekly, or bi-monthly. This can be determined by having your one to one discussion with our Recovery Specialist.

We do a purges yearly… usually in bankers’ boxes. How do you handle this service?
Our shredding specialists will contact you and determine whether on or off site destruction best meets your needs. We will complete an assessment based on volume and work with you to set up an appointment to have your materials destroyed. We do a quick visual inspection of the boxes to ensure there is no metal or debris. You can keep your boxes or break them down for recycling.

Do you give us weights?
Yes, our drivers will be able to supply weights for on site shredding. If we are doing the shred off site the weights will be provided on your invoice.

Are your employees security screened?
Yes.  All of our employees are bonded and go through a rigorous screening process to meet stringent industry security protocols.

Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction or a Confidentiality Agreement?
Yes. Every time we shred your documents On or Off Site we provide both a signed certificate of destruction and a confidentiality agreement.

Do you follow up with us after we start using your services? What if something needs to be changed?
We monitor every customer and service that Cascades Recovery+ provides to ensure that we are meeting your needs. This will include phone calls and on site meetings.  If we need to adjust the level of inventory or change the service dates our Recovery … PLUS™ specialists will meet with you and modify your services.

Do you belong to the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)?
Yes. Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver are NAID members. The benefits of belonging to NAID allow us to ensure our company practices meet the most stringent standards in the industry and stay on top of current legislation and guidelines.  You can find us listed as a member on the NAID website.

If I wanted to look up the legislation where would I find it?
Depending on your province you may have different legislation. Please refer to Personal Information Privacy Act – PIPA online.

Are you involved in the community?
At Cascades Recovery+, all across Canada, we are supporting different organizations and non-profit charities and we are always looking to help more. If you have a charity that your organization supports we would love to be part of it. We can come on site with our truck and shred documents for your clients and revenues would go to your designated charities.  All we ask is that there is joint marketing prior to the event to ensure its success.

I am happy with my current service provider and we are not looking for a change.
We are more than just shredding we are a complete recycling service provider. Cascades Recovery+ is a one-of-a-kind company that not only specializes in secure destruction services, but also in the management of all discarded materials. Our program will manage your shredding requirements as part of a comprehensive program that addresses all your discarded material needs.