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About Cascades Recovery

With strategically located trading and brokerage offices across North America, Cascades Recovery+’s Material Management Group (MMG) currently markets over 1.5 million metric tonnes annually of fibre and other recyclable materials; to both domestic and international markets. If you are purchasing or selling discarded recyclable materials, you can be assured of a comprehensive professional service from Cascades Recovery+.

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Our Services

Our business is the management of discarded recyclable materials. With over 33 years of experience, we recover materials that would otherwise go to landfill. The recovered materials are then used to create new products.Cascades Recovery+ has facilities throughout Canada including: Toronto, Brantford, Putnam and Ottawa, Ontario; Lachine, Quebec; Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna, Prince George, and Nanaimo, British Columbia; Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta; Winnipeg, Manitoba; as well as locations in the United States including Rochester, Albany and Buffalo, New York.

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Recovery …PLUS&#0153

Whether you have one facility or hundreds across the country, our AWARD WINNING Recovery …PLUS® Program will be custom designed for the management of ALL your discarded materials – no matter what your business sector may be. When you use Cascades Recovery+ to manage your recyclable materials, you are dealing directly with the end user. Cascades Recovery+’s partnership with Cascades Inc. ensures that your discarded recyclable materials are recycled into a variety of new products – from tissue and paper products to furniture and decking.

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